Ok peeps this is my blog(inspired by my sister) to keep y’all up to date on everything that it going on and to give everyone a little insight into what I will be experiencing of the Next 9 months.

I know everyone is asking what in the freakin world is Brandon doing in Annapolis for the next 9 months?!? So here it is…

I will be an Intern for an organization called the National Student Leadership Forum. I will basically be spending 9 months focusing on the Biblical model of Leadership of Jesus. I will be spending time both learning from my 5 roommates, reading the word, talking with an older team of mentors, and working in the community.


For a nice concise description for exactly what I will be doing in the Internship I have included below the description of the Internship that is listed on NSLFORUM.ORG:

The National Student Leadership post-graduate internship is a nine-month program. Since 2000, this internship has provided an opportunity for college graduates to translate what they’ve learned into their daily lives within the structure of community. There is a great emphasis on living in community and what it teaches about the principles of Jesus including stewardship of finances, service and reconciliation. Interns also help plan and facilitate many of the events around the nation put on by National Student Leadership such as the national forum, state forums, and the National Prayer Breakfast (with student weekend). In addition to these large events, interns travel domestically to various college campuses to encourage other young people in their relationships with God and with each other. In the spring, there is a three-week international trip where interns travel abroad for a diverse and cross-cultural setting. Past countries visited have included South Africa, India, Nepal, Uganda, Lebanon, Russia, Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Also, feel free to check out the website at NSLFORUM.ORG to see about National Student Leadership and some of the EARTH SHATTERING ideas I will be living for the next 9 months.

 To put it very simply I really don’t know what I am going to be doing on a daily basis and I can honestly say that I am OK with that!!! I will try to keep all of you up to date on my adventures and experiences but PLEASE PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH!!!!

PS. Only 8 more day to go I am starting to get IMPATIENT HURRY UP ALREADY!!!!!


Ok peeps I know that is is kinda crazy and NEW AGE but it will def be the best way of keeping everyone up to date with what is going as I transition to the next AMAZING chapter in my life!! Please feel free to post and let me know what you think about my adventures!!! And absolutely please feel free to call me